Newcastle City Council is undertaking a review of sexual health services in Newcastle. This includes services relating to:

  • Contraception

  • Sexually-transmitted infections (STIs)

  • HIV awareness and prevention

  • Sexuality and promoting sexual health

  • Advice about how sexual health is provided

These services are currently provided by a range of organisations within Newcastle, including: GPs, community services, acute hospitals, pharmacies, voluntary organisations and us SHINE. These contracts are now due to be renewed, so we are taking the opportunity to review how the whole service is delivered.

The first part of this is understanding how well the current services meet the needs of people who use them, who may use them in future, and the general public.
Newcastle City Council are also holding workshops with organisations who currently provide services, to get their views.

NCC want to hear your views, as they are important and can influence the future of sexual health services in Newcastle. Please complete the survey below before 8th July 2019.  The results will be published on Let’s talk Newcastle Online (, and shared with organisations who provide services and support people who use them.

After this, the next stage will be to define a new model for delivering services, and NCC will be using your feedback to help to do that. NCC will then consult on this new service model later this year.

The survey is confidential, and your answers will be kept private. No one will be identified from their answers or in any reports about what people said.
Thank you for giving your views.

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The survey can be found online here:

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