Confidential One-to-One Support

Here at Shine we offer women a chance to talk to a worker about any problem or issue they are facing in relation to their sexual health and other issues, such as domestic abuse, sexual assault, exploitation, relationships and so much more (see our menu for further information).

Our one-to-ones are completely confidential and informal and is just about giving someone a safe space and time to talk.

We are not counsellors but we are very good at listening and we do not judge.

We might not always know the answers to all your questions but if we don’t think we can help you, we will help you find someone who can. And we will of course offer to accompany you to meet them.

A Flexible, holistic service
You may need more than just one appointment to tackle the problems you are dealing with. This will be assessed in agreement between you and your worker during the first couple of sessions.

We can also offer to meet you in your home (Ideally not for the first appointment, but we can arrange to come out in twos if need be), in the community or in a café somewhere you are comfortable with.

Although we don’t offer a service for children or families we support women who have children. And that means sometimes working around the children’s and family’s support needs as well.

As women we never look after ourselves first – we take care of our children, our partners, our friends and family and then somewhere down the list we may tend to our own needs. At Shine we recognise this and will support you to look after others so you can look after yourself.
Sometimes our clients may also need support in attending appointments or meetings and when possible we will offer to accompany you.

Advice In The Community
Shine staff are always out and about in the community seeing clients, meeting our partners and doing outreach sexual health sessions. Clients can feel more confident if we come to see them in their local community project or even in their home. We will always try to be flexible about this and accommodate as much as possible. Other times one of our partner organisations may ask us to come along to a drop in or an event for women to meet us and familiarise themselves with our project. We may also get asked to do a quick talk or have a stall about a specific sexual health related topic. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you think we can help you in this way.

For more information or to talk to a worker, please contact us!